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mag1977's Journal

19 September 1977
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Not much to say about myself I live in New Hampshire which is pretty boring. I work at the University of New Hampshire as a dining hall supervisor. I've been reading fanfiction since 1996 I started out with Forever Knightand moved onto Highlander and the Sentinel fic. More recent favs are Snarry and House/Chase, and Jack/Ianto. My recent obsession is Supernatural. I've read thousands of fics and can't get enough.
I hate the snow (sucks to be me living in NH)and would love to visit Australia. I have two nieces 8&5 and a nephew who is 2 which is as close to children as I want :) I'm and avid Red Sox fan. Don't know what else to say I'm begining to sound like I'm writing a personal ad.